Bite Suit Weights, Types & Uses

Your Guide To Choosing The Right Bite Suit

Bite suits are one of the most important pieces of equipment for Law Enforcement, Military, Protection, PSA, Mondio Ring and French Ring dog trainers. Time and time again these trainers choose Demanet bite suits for their dependability, expert craftsmanship, complete customization with design, quick turn-around time and an outstanding company reputation.

Bite Suit Weights & Uses

There are a few different thicknesses options you have when it comes to getting your suit. We call these suit weights. From thinnest to thickest there is the hidden suit, competition weight, semi-competition weight, semi-training weight, and training weight. Browse each of the different bite suit weights below to see which thickness of suit will best fit your needs. Don’t forget you can order two different weights for your bite suit jacket and bite suit pants, you do not have to order the whole bite suit in one weight or the other.

Hidden Bite Suits

Hidden bite suits are the thinnest suits we offer. This bite suit is the odd ball out and made of kevlar, whereas the other suits are a proprietary fiber blend. These bite suits are made to stop teeth from puncturing your skin but not much else. There is very little padding in these suits and they are meant to be worn underneath your everyday clothing, perhaps a few sizes larger than normal though. Hidden bite suits should be used for proofing dogs by law enforcement, military and personal protection dog trainers. These suits are not meant for daily training.

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Competition Weight Bite Suits

Competition bite suits are next on our list and offer more protection than the hidden kevlar bite suits. Competition weight bite suits have a low amount of padding and offer the greatest amount of mobility in comparison to all of the other suits below on this list. Competition suits are great law enforcement, military and personal protection trainers that do advanced scenario work that requires a lot of movement from the decoy. These suits are the easiest to run, jump, and hide in small places with. These suits are also used by competition decoys in PSA, French Ring and Mondio Ring trials internationally.

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Semi-Competition Weight Bite Suits

Semi-Competition bite suits are slightly thicker than the competition weight suits, but not by an incredible amount. There is very little mobility sacrificed with the increase in padding. Demanet Semi-Competition bite suits are preferred by many police K-9, military working dog and personal protection dog trainers. These suits are great for scenario based training with a fair amount of decoy movement. A lot of trial decoys like the semi-competition weight bite suits as well for training sport dogs and also for trials. When comparing to the semi-training suit this suit is quite a bit thinner and offers much more mobility.

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Semi-Training Weight Bite Suits

Semi-Training bite suits are a big step up in protection in comparison to the competition weight suits. We call this our happy-medium suit. There is adequate protection and adequate movement with this suit weight. We typically recommend these suits to law enforcement and military K9 units. The semi-training suit is perfect for new decoys who want to be able to move but don’t want all of the pain. These suits are used mainly for training purposes and not a lot of scenario based training. These suits take a beating and your arms and legs won’t. These suits are used by most sport dog training decoys because they offer solid protection and decent mobility.

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Training Weight Bite Suits

Training bite suits are the most protective and offer the least amount of mobility. You’re not wearing a Michelin man bite suit like some other bite suit manufacturers produce. You still will have mobility but it is pretty diminished. Trainers across the world in all disciplines use this suit with green dogs and green decoys. There is more fabric for the dog to grip and there is a ton of protection for the decoy. The training bite suits are great for those dogs that crush bones too! No one “wants” to train the dogs they know has massive jaw strength. It simply sucks. If you are a trainer that works with those dogs this is the suit for you.

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Suit Types (Cuts)

There are 2 suit types or cuts that are available from Demanet. The French Cut and Kimono cut suit. The pants are essentially the same however there are some differences in the way the jacket is cut.

French Cut Bite Suit

The french cut suit is custom fit to your body. It is form fitting to allow you the most mobility and range of motion. The french cut bite suit is what 99% of trainers choose when they choose a bite suit. The french cut suits will typically fit a few people as long as they are generally about the same size as you.

Kimono Cut Bite Suit

The kimono cut suit is a bit different than the french cut. The main difference is that the Kimono suits are made to standard sizes, to fit a range of heights and weights. The suit itself has extra fabric between the elbow and waist which makes the suit a bit puffier. The kimono suits are only made in a training weight and are a great choice for law enforcement and military units that will have multiple people decoying in the suits.