K9 Resources

Looking for high quality gear? A great trainer? A trusted K9 vendor? Information Sources? Non-profits organizations you can actually trust?

We’ve got you covered. Below you will find companies throughout the US that we trust to always take care of us and provide us with great service. A quick little bio of why we trust them as well. You’ll also find some information resources, some podcasts that we sponsor and the non-profits we work with and support. Navigating the K9 world can be a little difficult at times as there are a lot of people out there who promise the world and deliver nothing. This won’t be the case with anyone on this list!

K9 Vendors & Dog Trainers

Complete Canine Training is a top tier K9 training company based in Brighton CO. They do it all; pet training, police K9 training, working dog seminars, and even dabble in some sport work. They also have instructors that travel and teach decoy work and also do problem solving for law enforcement agencies. Contact them here.

Proven Dog Training is based in Clayton, NM and Amarillo, TX. JJ is a great trainer and personal friend. He works with police K9s and pet dogs. He also sells police K9s and personal protection dogs. JJ is one of the most honest and caring individuals I have met in the dog training industry and produces some amazing dogs.

Saint Working Dogs is a top provider of working K9s. Kendal produces some of the best, if not the best, Dutch Shepherds. Her goal is simple, to maintain and preserve the history and standard of the old style Dutch police dogs. We speak from experience, she does a fantastic job of it. Contact these guys to get a dog you’ll never forget

Torchlight K9 is based in Tulsa, Oklahoma and is ran by one of the most well-known trainers in the Police K9 world, Mr. Ted Summers. Ted produces some of the highest quality MWD and Police K9s in the country. If you are looking for a new dog for your unit Ted should be your first stop!

Tarheel Canine is based in Sanford, NC in a 12,000 sq ft facility. Owned by the Father of PSA himself Jerry Bradshaw. Simply put this man knows dogs and runs a top of the line dog trainers school and police K9 breeding program. Jerry also founded the PSA sport if you didn’t catch that earlier. If you are looking for a sport dog, police K9, or working dog for anything really, you should contact these guys.

Off Leash K9 Training is a dog training franchise that spans across the entire US with over 80 locations. These are the go to guys for pet training! Each Off Leash trainer has their own specific skill sets so services vary by location. They do obedience training, scent detection, tracking and protection dog training.

Mark Kotula is a Charlotte, NC based dog trainer. Mark started training his personal dogs for conformation back in 2003. He’s taken four dogs to conformation Champion over the years. Mark trains with Sheriff K9 units and helps decoy for the United Police Working Dog Association and certifies almost thirty local police dogs in patrol each year.

Gear Suppliers

Working Dog Dry Goods – Leashes, harnesses, BADASS hand-painted muzzles, K.A.S. system and the only place to get Trikos gear. Also the only place where you can get a collar with “Mr.Asshole” on it! In fact I think Ted & Alesha encourage it. Alesha runs WDDGs and is a true advocate of K9 welfare and runs a tight ship. Check out their gear, you won’t be disappointed.

Kirby K9, owned and operated by Josh Kirby. This guy goes above and beyond with his hand made collars and leashes. Word on the street is he will be adding harnesses to his product offering soon as well. He uses scuba webbing to make his leashes and harnesses unlike nylon webbing this stuff holds up to damn near any abuse you can put it through. Just talk to him and you can get anything you want customized on your gear.

Ray Allen K9 you should already know these guys but in case you don’t they are likely the #1 working dog equipment supplier in the US. This is the go to place for the things that I can’t get from my WDDG or Kirby K9.

Non-Profit Partners

K9s United is a non-profit organization that we work with to provide suits to Law Enforcement agencies throughout the country at a discount. Debbie is an amazing individual who has dedicated hundreds of hours to K9 units across the country to get them the hear they need but may not have funding for. Please check them out and donate!

Georgia Police K9 Foundation assists active and retired law enforcement K9s. They host training such as decoy classes and they raise awareness throughout communities on how important the K9s are to everyone throughout the world. Georgia Police K9 Foundation is a 501c3 non-profit all volunteer organization!

Vested Interest in K9s is a non-profit that operates very similarly to K9s United. The focus more on supplying bulletproof vests for K9 units in need. With more and more K9s being shot or stabbed this is a major need in our industry. Sandy Marcal is a wonderful woman who has supplied over 2800 bulletproof and stab protective vests to our K9s in need.

Podcasts You Should Be Listening To

The Dog Show with Nick and Joe is a all around dog training podcast. These guys cover everything in the dog world. Their focus is to inform the world about as much as they can when it comes to dogs. Everything from pet dog training to working dogs is covered in their podcasts. As a bonus you can watch them live every Friday at 2pm EST on Facebook.

Working Dog Radio is exactly what it sounds like. In this podcast you’ll hear from some of the most influential names in police and military dog training. Names like Mike Ritland, Mike Suttle, Jerry Bradshaw, Johnathon Katz and others have already been on the show. Each episode gets better and better! If you work K9s this podcast is one you can’t miss!

Information Sources

Leerburg.com has the largest online database of training tools, tips and tricks. Plus they have an amazing video library. You can access 100’s of free articles and videos here. You can also buy training DVDs and stream online some of the best videos I’ve ever watched that truly explain dog training!

Controlled Aggression By Jerry Bradshaw is a book that I recommend EVERY SINGLE DECOY reads. This book is well worth the read and will help you understand so much about what a decoy’s job truly is and how to work with different types of dogs. You can find this as an eBook from various sources here.

We are proud supporters of the online K9-FTO course. This course is designed for Law Enforcement Officers, K9 Supervisors and Private K9 Professionals. This course covers procedures, policies, case law, K9 maintenance and much more.  Please use vendor code “Complete Canine” when registering.

Free eBook Downloads

Here are some free downloads of Dog Training eBooks that will help anyone looking to become a trainer will find useful. Hell even if you are already a trainer you should read these eBooks!

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