Demanet Trainers Vest


If you are looking for a dog training vest this is the must have vest! With tons of pockets to hold, treats, tugs, leashes, e-collars, remotes and more you can’t go wrong with this training vest!

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This is an amazing trainers vest. Perfect for dog trainers who want to look good and have all their tools at the ready. Four different accent colors to choose from Electric Blue, White, Red or Grey.

On this vest there are 10 different pouches and it’s water proof!

On the Front:

  • 2 upper chest pouches (1 mesh, 1 close-able)
  • 2 Side Pockets
  • 2 lower close-able pouches, perfect for treats
  • 2 Elastic rings on the sides for easy tug maneuvering
  • Adjustable Waist & Chest drawstrings

On the Back:

  • 1 Large Pocket (accessible on either right or left side)
  • 1 Elastic Tug Pouch

A serious training vest for serious trainers!

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