The Educator eCollar – ET-400


The ET-400 Educator ecollar is a 3/4 mile remote trainer that is most humane and effective dog training eCollar available.

Available on backorder


If you are looking for an eCollar to work with your dog, this is the most trusted brand and collar to choose. This ecollar is preferred by dog trainers around the globe for medium to large pet dogs!

The Educator ET-400 Features

  • 3/4 Mile Effective Range
  • Will Fit Medium & Large Dogs
  • Waterproof receiver & remote
  • Great for Pet Dogs
  • Experience Level: Intermediate
  • Comes with 1 receiver.
  • Shock Resistant

This is not a “shock” collar. This collar delivers electrical pulses similar to that of a TENS unit. It spasms the muscles of the dog’s neck to create an unpleasant and unknown feeling which in turn get’s their attention back onto you instead of whatever they might have been distracted by. If you are not a dog trainer we HIGHLY recommend you work with a qualified trainer so that you learn how to use this dog training collar effectively!


Don’t forget to register your ecollar at to reap the warranty in case something happens to your collar. Please allow 5-7 days shipping time for all ecollar orders.


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