New Demanet Bite Suit Dealer in The US

We are proud to be an authorized Demanet bite suit dealer and we look forward to providing trainers, dog sport competitors, police and military with high quality, customized bite suits that will fit your training needs.

We started selling Demanet bite suits in early 2017. We personally train protection K9s and are in the works of starting up a police K9 training program as well. You can read more about the team here.

I’ve used many different bite suits over the years. The experiences I’ve had with bite suits from Ray Allen, EliteK9, Euroshen, and other major brands out there, simply don’t match the experiences I’ve had with Demanet bite suits. Demanet offers a few different weights and styles of suits that will fit your specific needs.

Bite Suit Weights

Competition Bite Suits – Competition suits are best for experienced helpers and decoys and offer the most mobility but the least amount of protection. Personally, I wear competition pants so I can have the best mobility for the training scenarios we run the dogs through. I’ve taken many leg bites with the pants and I can say that it does hurt a bit more, but they have never failed me. I recommend competition suits for those who use advanced training scenarios in their training and need great overall mobility. These suits should not be used for daily training as they will wear out faster than a training or a semi-training bite suit. Check out more details about competition bite suits here.

Semi-Competition Bite Suits – Semi-Competition bite suits are a bit more protective than competition level suits, and still offer great mobility. Many PSA clubs and trainers prefer semi-comp suits when training. These bite suits again are not recommended for daily use, but will hold up a bit better than a competition level suit. Read more about the semi-comp bite suits here.

Semi-Training Bite Suits – Semi-Training suits are the best mid-point suit you can get. You still have fantastic mobility, although slightly diminished from the competition level suits, you get a lot more protection as well. This is my suit jacket of choice, as I’ve taken many bites back to back to back and I feel perfectly comfortable, the “decoy tattoos” don’t happen often unless I have a really hard biter. This is a suit that I recommend for police K9 units, personal protection trainers and sport dog trainers. It offers good mobility, and great protection. This is the all around suit! Read more about semi-training bite suits.

Training Bite Suits – Training level bite suits are best for daily use, these suits are made to last forever it seems like. They offer the greatest amount of protection but have the least amount of mobility. I recommend these suits to police K9 units and trainers who do a lot of bite work with multiple dogs, on a daily basis. The training bite suits will withstand bite after bite after bite with daily use. The training bite suit does come in 2 different styles and is the only suit to do so. You can order a french cut or a kimono style training bite suit. Click here to see the french cut training level bite suit.

Bite Suit Styles

French Cut – The French Cut style suit is a style that conforms to your body. French Cut suits are custom fit to you. This suit style is available in every weight from competition to training. These are the suits that you want to order if you are the only one to wear the suit, or you and your helpers are similar in body size and shape. French Cut suits are designed to create an appearance to the dog that you are a huskier version of yourself, or wearing a snowsuit. Your arms and legs will be accurately portrayed to the dogs you are working. The Kimono suit does not do this quite as well.

Kimono – The Kimono style suit was specially deigned for police and military applications. This is mainly because budgets restrict units abilities to order multiple suits for trainers and the suits typically see a lot of wear and tear very quickly. The Kimono suit is designed with extra fabric in between the elbow and waist that allows for 2 things, first the ability for multiple decoys to wear a single suit, and secondly there is more area for the dogs to bite. These suits are only sold in a training weight, and custom designs are not available. View Kimono Bite Suits.


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