Demanet Bite Suit

The Dog Show With Nick & Joe

Are you as excited as we are? There is finally a podcast that is for everyone in the dog world, from dog owners to professional trainers. We’re excited to support The Dog Show With Nick & Joe & Off Leash K9 Training. We supply many Off Leash K9 trainers across the US with high quality Demanet… read more

All of the Demanet Bite Suit Options

We’ve recently had a lot of questions come up about our bite suits and all of the options that you have when getting your suit made. Here is a list of the top features and options you have and what we typically add to bite suits for our customers. Rush vs Standard Delivery – Rush… read more

Dog Sports – PSA vs IPO

There are a host of sports you can get your dog into that involve bite work. The most popular bite-sports are IPO aka Schutzhund, PSA (Protection Sports Association), Mondio Ring, and French Ring. This article will compare the differences between IPO and PSA. First lets dive into the basics, the core fundamentals of each dog… read more

Demanet Bite Suit Care Instructions

Demanet Bite Suit Care

If you can read French then this article and information won’t really help you out much. If you’ve taken a look at your bite suit care instructions tag you’ve probably noticed that it is printed in French. Well we translated it for you and here it is in plain English, without the certification standards that… read more

Demanet Bite Suit Production & Turnaround Times

I’ve gotten a lot of calls and questions about Demanet order turnaround times and how their production schedule works. I want to give you all a little insight on how Demanet functions. Note that we are distributors of Demanet bite suits and do not have complete insight on the complete production process. Standard Turn Around… read more

New Demanet Bite Suit Dealer in The US

We are proud to be an authorized Demanet bite suit dealer and we look forward to providing trainers, dog sport competitors, police and military with high quality, customized bite suits that will fit your training needs. We started selling Demanet bite suits in early 2017. We personally train protection K9s and are in the works… read more