Demanet Bite Suit Production & Turnaround Times

I’ve gotten a lot of calls and questions about Demanet order turnaround times and how their production schedule works. I want to give you all a little insight on how Demanet functions. Note that we are distributors of Demanet bite suits and do not have complete insight on the complete production process.

Standard Turn Around Time

Demanet bite suits are made to order by hand. Because of this the turnaround time is typically 12 weeks. You can rush the order and have your suit expedited to be completed in 4-6 weeks for an additional charge of $125.

Demanet Factory Annual Vacation

The Demanet factory closes for a full month each year. Typically this in in August. This means that suits ordered between June & July will not be started until September. Rush orders placed in June may also not be able to be fulfilled depending on Demanet’s production capacity, and current order volume. This year Demanet reached a full production schedule in early June. Meaning that they have the maximum number of orders they can fulfill between June & July before closing in Aug. Because of this Rush orders placed in June will be expedited in September.

We still take orders and place them throughout June & July but please be aware that the bite suit you order will not arrive until after the Demanet annual vacation.


If you have any questions please feel free to reach out to us!


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